Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Comixbear's Commercial Rant #1 - Sally Fields

Okay, I had to make a rant about the most recent commercial Sally Fields/Boniva commercial. It has her talking about a friend of hers, who is complaining because she has to "take time" to take a pill once a week, while Boniva is once monthly. Now, let's think this through. You have to remove the pill from the bottle, pour some water, and then go through the time-consuming process of SWALLOWING!!! Geez, how can you stand it? It must take upwards of, oh say, TWO MINUTES PER WEEK! Her friend must be either the busiest person in the world or so prissy that noone but poor Sally can stand to be around her! Does Boniva not think that they can come up with anything other to sell their product than you will save up to six minutes of effort per month?

We'll be right back after this message...not!

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