Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ugly Costumes 101

There are so many things wrong with this costume that I don’t know where to begin. First of all, the entire layout is awful. Next, who thought of combining green, blue, red and purple into one costume? No wonder he’s Grim! He’s been on Blackwell’s Worst-Dressed-List for years!!!


Baal said...

Blackwell would SO have a good time with the Marvel Universe. DC has had its share of misfires costume wise in recent years (Manhunter, anyone?) but just based on Black Talon's costume (and he was a Grim Reaper ally so that doesn't count as a digression) alone, Marvel remains in the forefront of uniform eyesores!

Blockade Boy said...

Speaking of Grim Reaper allies with fugly costumes, there was also Nekra's puffy-sleeved buccaneer get-up from those early West Coast Avengers issues. And of course, the Reaper was the brother of Simon "Wonder Man" Williams, Marvel's Fugly Costume King. The Grim Reaper definitely takes the prize, though. What the hell is that on his stomach? A pissed-off jellyfish?