Monday, April 21, 2008

The Evils Of Disco

This ad shows that you don’t have to worry about drugs, handguns, and prostitution. If you protect your kids from teenagers on roller skates listening to disco music by locking them in their rooms, then the big green monsters will come along and kill all of those who don’t agree with you!


Blockade Boy said...

Art by the reliable Sal Buscema, who can only draw children and thirty-five-year-olds, and nothing in-between.

By the way, kid, that's not fruit filling; that's the spinal fluid from the crushed vertebrae of those funk-loving unfortunates.

Gloria said...

Hulk is only able to defeat the devil disco skate rollers just because Olivia-Newton John isn't with them: Otherwise he wouldn't dare.

BTW: I suspect Hulk is a Guy Lombardo Guy, like JJ Jameson and the Blue Meanies