Monday, March 5, 2007

A Leg's Man

In this panel from an issue of Batman, we see several criminals who are out to steal from Batman.

However, how can ANY criminal who goes by the nickname of 'Legs' get any kind of respect? And just how did he get that nickname in the first place? It isn't mentioned in the story, so I guess we might never know. But could it be that what he REALLY wanted to steal from Batman was a pair of those nice form-fitting tights?


Lots42 said...

"We're going to wander around vaguely on the off-chance we might meet the person who has what we want! Following directly is for wimmens! Let's spout more exposition!

Scott Haley said...

Jack "Legs" Diamond was one of the most powerful gangsters in the illegal alcohol business in Manhattan during Prohibition. People write books about him, make movies about him, and even a Broadway musical. He has a Wikipedia entry.