Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Mercy of WHO???

Okay, Marvel, who's idea was it to name a villain after the god which painful erections were named for? And then, to compound things, you place the main character in front of his waist with a pained expression!!


Lots42 said...

Espically with the main character's six penises (penii?) on his face.

Erich said...

Penes. (Actually, "penises" is also correct, but "penes" is funnier.)

Scott Haley said...

I found this synopsis:

(Terror Inc#12) - Learning of Priapus' betrayal of Cage and Sable, Terror helped them escape the trap, and the three joined forces to stop Priapus.
Priapus arrived in his Spanish base, where his servant Libido prepared his brothels. The Tryst, which he had pierced through the skin in his chest, gave their desires substance, which fueled the swingers' sexuality, and the power of their lust was fed back into Priapus, an amorous cycle charging him for the final journey.
However, Cage, Sable, and Terror emptied the brothels, cutting off their power, and they then ambushed Priapus, but after they'd each struck a blow Priapus fought back, sending solid-form versions of their desires to attack them.

Boy, if the guy who wrote _Seduction of the Innocent_ had seen this , his brain would have exploded.